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Friday Roundup #3-20

Since last Friday’s update, the weekend resulted in no activity on craft and lots of work on moving Mum into her new home. There are boxes still to unpack when we left her, but seems she has gotten through most this week. I’ll be back there on Sunday. But this week has been a busy one. I have been away to Belgium and London on work until Wednesday, so again no crafting. And because I went outside of my safe home#working bubble, I of course picked up some bug. Currently downing Max Strength to keep it at bay.

However, I did warp my Sunna 13 to start on my Celtic Knot band. I did this on a Wednesday evening after getting back home early.

I even started to weave, until I realised I had gone wrong. Schoolboy error really. The pattern chart reads bottom up and numbered 1 to 13 from the left across. So, when it came to picking up pattern threads, I picked up my pattern threads correctly from the left. But when I was passing the weft from the right, I picked up pattern threads as if I was weaving from the left again. Does that make sense?

For example:

  • Passing the weft from the left, I picked up pattern threads in order from 1 thru 13 from the left.
  • Passing the weft from the right, I was picking up in order counting 1 thru 13 but from the right.

I forgot that pattern thread 1 is always on the left and 13 on the right. So, I cut the weft and pulled it out and started again correctly. In hindsight, this is my own error; I should never have numbered the pattern threads. Lesson learnt.

Anyway, going from the left 1 thru 13. Going from the right, 13 thru 1. All seemed to go well until I was distracted by someone (the other half) and I lost count of my row and then missed a selvedge warp thread. I tried unpicking back and attempting to pick up where I should, but still missed it. I’m going to pull it all out again. Looking at what I have woven so far, I can see the pattern a little, but I’m not happy.

I can see where it has gone wrong. But also, with the pattern threads doubled, it isn’t coming out clean. The background is a bit messy and I can’t help thinking the yarn I am using is hindering the neatness. I did follow instructions on warping up, so nothing is wrong there. And the pattern threads are meant to be thicker than the background.

However, I decided it would be better as single thicker yarn. And so, This weekend I will go back to re-warp the pattern warp threads; removing them and replacing with thicker woollen warp, singly through the pattern slots. I shall also add some more to the border in the cream coloured yarn, to give it more space to breathe.

But before that, I have a craft course; a full day of stained glass. I thought I would have another go and see if I like this enough to consider getting a soldering iron, copper tape, glass etc. I think it is a good, neat craft that can be easily put away in the garage or shed when not in use. Fingers crossed my lurgy is gone by tomorrow. I feel better than I did Thursday morning.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

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