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Friday Roundup #2-20

Great news! My new band weaving heddles have arrived all the way from Sweden. I shall hope to warp this weekend although I have to go to Ikea tomorrow, so it is unlikely to be Saturday.

The parcel came with a lovely message again, which I think is a lovely touch. I kept it on my desk today and kept thinking ‘I wish I could be there!’

I need to check my yarn stash for suitable options. I think I have some yarn that will work. otherwise it’s a trip to the LYS again.

The pattern to attempt will be the Celtic knot pattern I think. Once into a rhythm it should go well, but who knows.

My hat is still not finished. I am almost at the point of crown decreases and once on to that it should go quite quickly. I tried it on and it was a little snug. I’ve been trying to recall if I added an extra cable. Super annoying if I did. But either way, I like the colours which are warm amber and caramel tones.

Speaking of colour. Have you seen the Pantone colour of the year? It’s a Classic Blue, which I happen to like. My lost hat would fit right in this year. Curses!

Pantone Colour of the Year.

I read an article that suggested Pantone had missed an opportunity and played it safe for 2020, following the mis-step of Living Coral as the 2019 colour, considered out of touch with what was happening in the world. The article commented on some positive associations of the colour blue and then listed a load of negatives such as mourning, sadness and melancholy, blue-movies, the Blues and so on.

Other companies, such as paint manufacturers, have touted green as their colour of the year, the article continues. It talks about some positive associations of green and how it seems to link with the ecological aspect we are in at the moment. But there was not much mentioned about the negatives and equally you can link green to money, greed, jealousy and envy. It’s a colour used sometimes for evil or wickedness. Although not this one.

Neo Mint as suggested by WGSN, colour for 2020.

So take your pick on what a colour means to you. Maybe I am wrong. But it is all subjective and we will all have differing viewpoints.

Me? I prefer the blue.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

8 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #2-20

  1. It is a lovely blue and I hadn’t even thought of the associations with it and to me that isn’t what I’d call a green for some reason. Yes, very subjective. 😄 Are you sure you’re going to wear the hat if it’s a little snug? Better to be sure now than later. Looking forward to the weaving results!


  2. I hope you survived Ikea! I remember them always being packed in the U.K.
    I am intrigued by your heddles and look forward to seeing what you produce.
    I’ve always thought green was an unlucky colour because my Mum, who had a whole host of superstitions in her repertoire, told me so. Years later I found out the reason she decided green was unlucky was because my Nan had her purse stolen whilst wearing a green coat!! I have heard it said, though, that green cars are unlucky and maybe that’s why you don’t see that many.
    Is it me or do you not have a ‘follow’ button of any description on your blog?

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    1. Odd how superstitions start. Just needs a bad experience sometimes. Never heard that about green cars though. I have no idea about the follow button. I’m sure it is there somewhere. Will have to have a look.


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