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Friday Roundup #5-19

Another week over and now it’s February. Yesterday, Thursday night, we had snow, but not too much and it was all gone by the evening. We were lucky; others less so where they were strand3d on the roads in Cornwall/Devon.

This week, my new needles arrived, so I am hoping to get started on my jumper. Whilst they are the right size ordered, they are quite short. Maybe a little small for my hands. I’ll see how I get on, otherwise, I shall have to get some a little longer. I am concerned I may get some cramp in my hands from them, but maybe they will be fine once attached to the cord.

I didn’t do too much weaving this week. Just too tired after work really. But I did get 5 inches done tonight before dinner. I’ve added a warp pick up pattern to it. Different to what I was planning. This is a 2 stick pattern; 2 up, 2 down and the second stick is 2 down, 2 up. Then follow a simple pattern. The reverse side has a weft pattern. Not 100% with it, so it might get unpicked. I’ll see in the morning. I just need to sleep on it.

Warp pickup pattern in the loom. Under tension so you can’t see the full effect at the moment.

Once this comes off the loom and relaxes, the holes will close up a little, and then with a wash the cotton should bloom as well. But I am liking the colours. Another 3 inches and then I change to a new colour; light lilac I think,as in the warp, then back to the deep rose again.

Talking of colours, I retook the image of the teal/sea colour cotton slub yarn from Perran Yarns. Much better.

Looking forward to working something out of this. Ideas gratefully received.

So, tomorrow it’s more weaving, start of a jumper and Ravelry pattern hunting. I also have a request for a blanket, so I need to look for ideas on that too. Might as well make that whilst it’s cold. It will be crochet, in a chunky or worsted yarn I think, so will hook up quick. I’d like to do something different. Maybe a C2C would be fun.

Not much else to add this week. It’s been a funny week and next week I am away again for 2 days. 😦

Hope you have a great weekend. And for those of you freezing in the Polar Vortex, fingers crossed it warms up for you without too many problems.

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