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From swatch to Fresh warping

Whilst this past weekend has been moderately busy, I still managed some alone time in the morning to knit up my gauge swatch. I knew as I knitted each row that this was probably not quite right. So after a steam block, and then a soak, I concluded that the gauge was not right.

Wrong gauge but love the colour and feel of the fabric

I need to have 23 stitches by 36 rows equals 4 inches. But I have 27 stitches and not quite enough height in the 36 rows. As I pondered how to meet the gauge I checked various YouTube videos. One showing how to calculate the right cast on to work with this gauge and others that simply explained about gauge.

I rechecked the ball band and noticed that my yarn is 25g less in yarn length than the pattern yarn. My two balls of 25g yarn equals 250 yards, whereas the pattern yarn in a 50g ball is 275 yards. I have no way of telling if my yarn is slightly thinner than the pattern. Either way, I have ordered some 3.75mm needles that arrive tomorrow. I hope that this will produce the right gauge. I can then crack on with my jumper. So glad I took the time to swatch though.

But it might have to wait a week. Why? Because I started a weave today. The loom is warped up, although I dallied over the length, and now wish I had gone longer. Note to self; always consider the longer length. So here it is.

The Aperol Spritz is not 100% necessary for warping a loom, but it’s always welcome. 🙂 And it goes perfectly with this yarn colour.

The yarn is from Milla Mia and is 100% cotton. I shall dig out the proper name and link for Friday’s post. I always love the yarn at this warping stage, around the peg. This one reminds me of Saturn’s rings. How they vary in thickness, if not in colour. I still need to thread the heddle and tie to the front beam, but that will be tomorrow evening.

The plan is to start weaving with the colour order of the warp, so it graduates along the length. And where the warp is widest in each shade, to have a square of the weft colour resting proud of the warp, using pick up sticks. Just to add another dimension of interest. That’s the plan anyway. I’ll hopefully have some pictures next Friday. I’ll tell you then, what it’s going to be.

For now, have a lovely week. Five days and counting to the weekend.

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