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Friday Roundup #15

I hope you have all had a good weekend, and if in the UK have enjoyed Bonfire Night and the fireworks.

Work has not been too mad this week, although the first day back is always a hardship, sifting through 100’s of emails.  Much of which is generic reporting that I can quickly delete, thankfully.

This week I have been tying to finish off the shawl I have been working on.  It’s a rectangular shawl in,a very lightweight yarn on Rico Luxury Magic Mohair.  A blended yarn of Polyester, Mohair, Polyamid and Wool.  It comes in a small range of colours, but I chose a dark grey.  Each colourway has a metallic thread forming the core with the mohair/wool blended around it.  It’s so lightweight, that when you pull a long strand out of the ball and let it fall, it just floats down like a cobweb.

Each ball is 50g and carries 200m of yarn, taking a 5 knitting needle or hook, so thickness is more like an Aran yarn.  It’s a hand wash or dry clean yarn because of the metallic element presumably.  I am hoping it comes through the blocking ok.


As you can see, it is quite a glitzy yarn, perfect for special nights out where you want to look your best.  It’s not a yarn I would make a hat from, although I think it would look great, it may be too scratchy around the head.  Not that it is scratchy to wear or crochet with.

So here is a peak at the nearly finished article.  Just some single crochet to do for the edging, but nearly there.  This is my own design on the whole.  I took some guidance from online for lower edge pattern, but otherwise, it’s my own concept in putting this together.  I am sure that once it is blocked it will look clearer.

I’m probably going to make it again in a different weight yarn though, and also correct some errors that I made and finalise the pattern.


Otherwise, I have neglected my knitting this week, to finish off the shawl.  I should do some more squares this weekend.  But I also want to get some weaving started.  I’m booked on to another course to do some manipulating of the warp and weft.  I hope it will make me more confident in weaving with warp sticks.

The last thing I want to share is some amazing colour from the garden.  I am sure that many of you have trees and shrubs that are going through that autumnal phase of yellows and golds through to purples and reds.  Such a gorgeous riot of colour at this time of the year.  Helping to brighten to those gloomy days as they draw in.  This is from our garden, a lovely acer that just packs a punch into the day, but being red, comes alive at night,  Reds always do.  Admittedly, this does have the security light on, but I can’t avoid that.


If you are signed up to Black Sheep Wools newsletter you will have seen the fabulous ombré colour range released by Scheepjes.  I am sorely tempted to buy some, as I was captivated by the colours of autumn on our way back home from holidays and want to make something in those autumnal brights.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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