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Vendredi Réunir #14 (Friday Roundup)

Bonsoir, mon amies.  Comment vas tu?  As-tu à bon semaine?

While the weather has not been the nicest every day of our holiday, we have had some good days in between and been out on the bikes, dogs in tow in a trailer, kids pointing and ‘oohing’ at seeing them whizzing along behind me.

And with the rain, came inevitable time to put into to crafting.  The hand warmers and hat got finished.  Although I want t tidy up the thumb on in which has one row too many for my liking.


I’ve also started on a shawl in Solomon stitch or Love Knots.  But I started to run low of the yarn, so put to one side.  Only one ball taken on hols.  No pics yet as I am not quite ready to share it, but stay tuned.

And then, a trip to one of the supermarkets, and I succumbed to some yarn.  It’s cheap, 100% acrylic but really soft and fluffy.  Instead of crochet, I am knitting this.  Trying to get back into knitting after a long break and I am still very much a novice.  There have been plenty of youtube video surfing to remind myself.

With this, I am doing garter stitch all the way as squares on blue and white, which I shall stitch together to make a blanket.  Each row I am slipping purl wise the first stitch which seems to be helping somewhat with my selvedges.  My tension can vary sometimes, but I am quite pleased with my first square.

Hopefully, over the course of knitting this, I will see my tension improve.  And this is my new challenge; to knit squares for a blanket with squares knitted in different stitches.  This will help me be a more confident knitter and give me good practice on multiple stitches all the while creating a patchwork blanket.

It will be a perfect pickup and put down project, allowing me to carry on with other quicker projects.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Homeward bound tomorrow.  Have a great weekend.

Au revoir,




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