My knitting challenge

As you know I am challenging myself to get much better at knitting than I am; currently novice level.  In total I have probably only made two knitted items.  A scarf and a hat.  You can read about the hat here.  And the scarf is in my Ravelry projects. But I want to do more… Continue reading My knitting challenge

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Vendredi Réunir #14 (Friday Roundup)

Bonsoir, mon amies.  Comment vas tu?  As-tu à bon semaine? While the weather has not been the nicest every day of our holiday, we have had some good days in between and been out on the bikes, dogs in tow in a trailer, kids pointing and ‘oohing’ at seeing them whizzing along behind me. And… Continue reading Vendredi Réunir #14 (Friday Roundup)