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Friday Roundup #12a

Ok, so I may be a little superstitious!  Next week will be # 14. 🙂  And, I know this is late posting, but we were travelling very late last night for our holiday.  Now settled in our place for a week on the lovely island of Il de Re.

The last week has been about trying out yarn in different hooks or needles.  Different stitches and so on.  Swatches made, swatches frogged.

I think I am comfortable with Tunisian on an 8mm hook for this autumnal coloured yarn from Hayfield.  The resulting fabric is not too dense, has some give and looks good on both sides in TSS.  I’ll have to try some other Tunisian stitches and see how it comes out.

I also had a little play with some mercerised cotton yarn I purchased back in early summer.  I’m having a little think about that, trying different stitches and what it might turn in to.

However, as mentioned, I am on hols now and just arrived at our location.  A week away with some good wine, cheese, a bit of biking and walks with the dogs and of course some crochet or knitting.

I am sure you will get to see some progress pics and also some of the scenery.

I picked 5 yarns to bring with me to keep me going if the weather is not too good or late in the evening.


I really like the Magic mohair with the silver thread running through it.  I am sure a shawl will come from that.  The YWS will be socks, no surprise there.  The Bergere is a cotton blend, lovely and soft.  It too may end up in a shawl or more likely an autumnal scarf.

Plenty to think and play with.  Enough for now though.  Back to holiday mode.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned.

Au revoir.  Avez vous un bon weekend.




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