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Emergency Crochet

Well, if you watch the weather reports for France and other parts of Europe, will know that it’s not exactly the warmest at the moment.  It’s still nice to be away and a break from work, but I was hoping for something in the early teens for temperature. Not 5 or 6C.

I didn’t really think to pack a woolly hat and gloves, and so the temperature was a surprise and the northerly wind was a biting one.

So, as to the title of this post, necessity drove me to some extra crafting.  A lucky find in a supermarket provided some Worsted weight yarn at 10 wpi (wraps per inch).  An hour or two later and I have a hat.  Just in time for the temperature to go to where it should be at around 14C for this time of year!  Never mind.  I am sure it will still see some use on the holiday, given us being at the coast.

The yarn is 100% acrylic and whilst it says 200g, I have no clue as to the length, as it is not mentioned.  This is what I have left, so I am going to try some mittens or at least handwarmers and see how far I get.  Had I brought the big ball of chunky yarn, I would have been fine and not needed to buy extra.


The pattern I have done before and knew it was quick to pull together.  It’s half double crochets in the round, without joining.  Just one continuous spiral.  The pattern is available here.  A nice and easy pattern with multiple sizes from babies to large adult size.

There you have it.  A short post today and another hat added to my collection!

Here’s hoping it is warmer wherever you are.  And if not, that you have a nice hat to keep your ears warm. 🙂


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