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Friday Roundup #40-20

We’ve reached #40. Now it all goes mad in the countdown to Christmas!

It’s the last thing on my mind at the moment. Changes happening at work but good changes. Changes in our home life but I’m not saying yet, but good changes. Too much else to think about other than Christmas except whether we will make it to France or not.

But back to this week.

This is another project from the drawer. Unfinished at the time, but I twisted the fringe and washed it, so all done now.

I’m pleased with how this finished up. It’s a lovely soft yarn, which is a Manos del Uruguay yarn. The project was made back in June 2018 if you can believe it. The yarn is 60% baby alpaca and 40% Pima cotton.

I’ve also finished this soft and cuddly scarf using Sirdar Smudge. It’s off the loom.

But waiting for fringe treatment once I know what I’ll do. This yarn can fray easy from cut ends, so knots are essential if the fringe is to work. If not, it will get the chop and turn and hem.

I’ll post better pictures when I have some sunlight streaming brought the windows. Which ain’t today! 🌧 🌧 ☔️

Tomorrow I warp the loom with the green yarn for my overshot scarf. Wish me luck. I ordered another skein which came midweek. Hopefully I’ll have some overshot to share with you at the end of the weekend.

All the best. Stay safe, stay well.

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