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Friday Roundup #21-20

Thursday, I found myself rather frustrated. With myself. I did my two conference calls (on my day off!) and then put my phone away for the rest of the day, so that I could add new warp to my loom.

Well, clearly my brain has gotten rusty on the weaving front. For starters, I prevaricated over yarn. I have this super blend of colours from Lang Yarns Mille Colori.

But then I found another one, which I have no idea it’s name, length etc. It’s always been one I have thought ’Why did I buy this’. You know those moments, I am sure. So, I figured I should at least waste it in a weaving.

I started to warp the loom. Upstairs in the hallway because the other half had a conference call and this meant my usual warping space was unavailable.

Things were going great, but I couldn’t help thinking something was wrong. Then I had one of those 🤦‍♂️ moments. I had only gone and warped without going around the back beam. A rookie mistake I shouldn’t be making, but I am blaming the unusual space. Essentially, I just went around the heddle which would be completely useless. So I pulled it all back start again.

The yarn I disliked was starting to look quite good, but I looked at the remaining and thought, I don’t have enough. I did some quick measurements and needed to reduce the length. I had clearly lost my mind. I thought, maybe I can just move the peg closer, and pull the yarn through, shortening all I had done. Ha! Yeah, that didn’t work. I really had lost my mind. Why I thought it would work, I don’t know. It all just knotted up and stopped moving. Nothing for it but to unwarp it all… again!.

This time, it took ages. The knots got worse, until I was 🤬.

I cut the yarn and pulled a section out. Went to the start, got so far, cut the yarn. Carried on and soon had three little balls of yarn and the bigger ball.

See what I mean about the yarn. It’s just so meh! I like the blue and yellow. But it did look better when warped.

But, what it meant was, I am either not ready for this yarn or just rethink the project. Personally, I think it is saying WTF were you thinking. I didn’t even have a real, solid plan of what to weave. I was simply warping the loom purely to have something on the loom! That is no way to start a project.

Now I am reviewing my stash to see what I can use to use as warp, so I can use this for weft. I do have some blue which would probably work, if it can take tension. I guess I shall find out tomorrow.

What else this week has occupied me? Plenty of walks. Last Saturday I did two four mile walks. I wanted to test my new camera, so I went in the morning, and then later in the day with the other half.

Here are some pictures. I am working on some video, but it’s a bit juddery, so I am running it through an app to smooth out the motion a bit.

A lone variegation of comfrey.
A busy bee working hard.
Lovely Welsh Poppies
A lovely day in Thursday’s walk presented this scene. It reminded us of Italy with the tall, narrow Cypress..
A beautiful English Rose in my garden.

And now we are back at the weekend and with a public holiday too. Weather should be great, so plenty of walking. I’ll hopefully have my short walking video sorted for you this weekend. I hope you have been staying safe and well.

Oh, FYI, I am updating the website, so if things look a bit incomplete or odd, that is why. And, I now have an Instagram under the same name as the blog. Not a lot loaded yet. Pop by and say Hi!

4 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #21-20

  1. Although I have no idea about your warping and wefting, I do know that feeling of frustration when you feel as if you’ve wasted lots of time on something to no avail. I usually just put it down to ‘practice’ and try to move on.
    I love the welsh poppy photo in its own little ray of light.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a waste of about 90 or so minutes. Most the time undoing. I do think the unusual space I was in didn’t help. I’ll need to get some seeds of the poppy. I used to have loads in my garden in North Wales.


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