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Friday Roundup #13-20

I was beginning to think this week would not end. It has been all go at work, dealing with actions linked to COVID-19. From the end of next week I drop to a 4-day working week to help see our company through the crisis.

But enough about work. It’s the weekend. Yay! I have Billie Eilish playing in my ears, currently on Bad Guy (love the melody in this song) as I write this. We have had a glorious sunny week and this meant we were able to get more walks in after work as part of our one a day outdoor activity. I hope you have all been getting chance to head outside too.

My pots continue to flower well, with Tulips now joining the melange of colour.

Same planter from a few weeks back. The Daffs are still going strong.

As to crafting, nada. I had planned to start something, but I felt I needed a recharge break. I ordered some new yarn. My stash is too bitty for large projects.

My project to start is the Brioche Waves crochet from Tatiana Kuprianchyk. Made using front post doubles and yarn from Scheepjes; their Colour Crafter and Colour Crafter Velvet ranges. I purchased the yarn from They were quite prompt given the current situation. They include a gift with each order. Mine is this cute little dog stitch marker.

Here is the yarn. My concern is the green is not as dark as I had thought. Too close to the Velvet green and not enough contrast. So, I am indecisive about commencing as this green is the background. This is why I don’t like to order online when colour matching. It is never easy and carries an element of risk. I’m not even sure about the green and purple. Aargh!

If only my LYS had not closed down 😦 I could have seen them in the flesh, so to speak. Mind you, I think this COVID-19 would have been the end of the shop anyway. They closed a few weeks before it all kicked off. And I don’t think they were super busy. Such a shame.

So, in the meantime, I rummaged and found this hibernating jumper. It has been sleeping for about a year, just over. I need to get it another inch and then start shaping for the armholes and sleeves. I am a little concerned as my yarn for this is in short supply. We shall see.

It might not fit me now.

I’ll make a decision tomorrow on the crochet. I have checked my stash and I might be able to squeeze a light purple out of the Stylecraft DK from when I made the Lost Garden blanket. I’ll have a good look at it in fresh sunlight and see how they look. I can always use the green Colour Crafter Velvet for something else. Thoughts anyone?

I have nearly two balls of the light purple.

Dua Lipa and Be the One now playing. what do you listen to when you are writing your blog or crafting away?

I hope you can make the most of a weekend under COVID-19 restrictions. British Summer Time starts Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #13-20

  1. The green is beautiful but perhaps a little ‘dusty’ for the other two? Scheepjes do have a shade card which might be worth investing in. Would the jumper switch to a sleeveless vest if you’re worried about wool? I prefer the sleeveless myself, more versatile.
    I meant to ask if you follow Kate Davies of KDD & Co, link in my follow list. She does weaving as well as knitting and I always think of you.
    Listening? I have a Sonos so choice is variable but most often chill out, depends what I’m doing in the studio so can range from Swing to Pink Floyd, AC/DC but not usually modern pop and never R&B other than that devouring audio books in the Grimdark line. 😄
    Stay safe!

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    1. Thanks for the heads up on the shade card. I’ll look into that. I did think I could miss the sleeves, so it’s an option, for sure. I’ll have a look at Kate’s site. Thanks, always good to find another weaver. Good to see what you listen too. I have a varied collection, not all modern pop. Pink floyd would fit in. My dad thought they were great. Stay safe too.

      Liked by 1 person

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