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Baby Vest update…

Well, I finished the vest yesterday. I just need to add an appropriate button.

It was quite an easy project, although I managed to add an extra knit stitch on the button banding. I ripped most of it back on the upper band, but left a bit on the lower as it will be hidden most of the time. As a result of the rip out, I managed to twist a stitch, right at the front. Typical. Then I forgot that I was meant to bind off the sleeves knit wise and purled instead. But overall, this little project served the purpose of proving I can knit clothing other than scarfs and hats.

I wish I had added another button hole. I did have a second one, but it was lost in the ripping out, then I forgot to add it back in. The pattern only called for one. Size wise, I think this is 6 to 8 months maybe. The pattern is 6 months, but as mentioned I had to add stitches, so it’s a little larger.

This just needs blocking and the button.

Overall, it has come out fine. Unsure what it’s fate will be, but it will find a home somewhere, I am sure.

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