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Friday Roundup #3-19

I’ve been taking a week off from any yarn work until Thursday, when I got twitchy fingers and needed to cast on or start something. I know, I shall add a square to my blanket using some Baby Blossom Chunky from Hayfield.

I quickly realised I had cast on too many and it was wider than it needed to be. However, knowing I would soon be starting my first big knit project, a sweater, I thought I would try out a baby sized top. So I searched for a top down pattern on Ravelry and came across Wee Speed which a number of people have made using the same yarn.

Mine is slightly larger as I had 9 more cast on, but a bit of jigging of the sections and it seems to be going ok. Fingers crossed.

Please excuse the background, I promise the sheet is actually white but the lights make it cream coloured. I am just at the sleeve bind off section I think. It doesn’t really have much sleeve, it’s more a vest like item. I was knitting on plastic needles, but found the yarn sticking. I guess acrylic on acrylic. So I switched to the round metal KnitPro, as I knew the yarn would slip from those more easily, from past experience.

It’s coming on quite well. I am pleased with the corners with the KFB (knit front back) to increase stitches. New stitch learnt; tick!

If I have one complaint, it is the yarn. It took ages to get to a blossom section of the yarn, which you can just see now. As this will be a short item, I am hoping I’ll get more before I finish. If I were doing it again, I would have to think about where I might start with the yarn to ensure I got enough blossom sections. There is a lot of just baby blue shades at the start. Maybe a another ball would be different.

So tomorrow is learning to bind off sleeves. :/

I finished my cowl last weekend. I think it came out well for no pattern. Especially now it is blocked a little with steam. It has been worn and has kept my neck lovely and warm. I would like to see this yarn in the proper needle size. I like how this has turned out, with the stitch definition, but with the larger needles, it would probably have a bit more relax about it.

My jumper yarn should be arriving this week, so all being well I’ll have a little swatch knitted up and washed to see how it ends up, and maybe into the first bit of a sweater.

More on that next week.

Nothing much more to tell you guys today. It’s been a quiet week. Although, I may have a post on Sunday.

So have a fab weekend.

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