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A Shawl Finished

Well, I managed to block my finished shawl on Saturday.  Because there is not much natural fibre in the yarn, it dried quite quickly.  It’s weird how the colour is different outside to indoors from early morning to midday.  When I first took a picture, the outside ones were almost lavender coloured and there is no lavender in this yarn.  Now they are light grey compared to a mid tone grey.

The finished size is 70in x 21in, and it fits nicely with drape around the back and over the arms, or thrown around the shoulders and fastened with a pin.

The pictures outside don’t really show much if the metallic thread.  Indoors it’s much better.

I do need to run through my pattern notes again and as mentioned, I think I will try it in a different yarn, most likely a lighter weight.  Not that I don’t like it or the yarn.  I think it’s the ideal yarn for some sparkle on a night out to a party.

I used almost four balls of the yarn and when weighed, the scarf to is 164g.  So, a close approximation of meterage would be 640 mtrs of yarn.  I’ll post the pattern once I have reviewed it after the next make.

Wednesday tomorrow; half way through the week. Hurrah!


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