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Friday Roundup #12

Not much to say tonight, as I posted yesterday instead, keen to share about the new yarn I picked up at a great price.  You can read about it here.

I have almost completed my lovely, soft chenille lapghan for the mother-in-law.  Tomorrow morning, I hope to complete the border edging.  Then it can be blocked, ends sewn in and wrapped up.  I’m using some Fray Check on the ends of the cut yarn.  Chenille has a tendency to fray easily, so I am hoping this will prevent that from happening.

My last ball of yarn arrived early in the week, to let me finish the last three feet of border on the never-ending granny blanket.  It’s probably going to take about 5g of yarn, so I will be stashing the remaining along with the others leftover.

I am having a hankering for a weaving session.  Most likely another scarf, probably houndstooth again in some lovely yarn I picked up at Wonderwool Wales.

I am hoping I have enough for the scarf.  It’s beautifully soft and lovely in these two shades.  It will be a Christmas present I think.

The only other thing is the yarn I am playing with at the moment.  I’m not happy the way it comes out.  Tension all over the shop.  So, I am thinking I might crochet it, or downsize the needles.  It’s not much thicker, if at all, than the chenille which is on a 6mm hook.  I might try it and see how it comes out.


Lastly, the summer tubs are going to be emptied and refilled with bulbs and winter colour.  It’s a nice weekend, so how much yarn work takes place is undecided at the moment.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, wherever you are.  Are you doing much yarn work or taking a break this weekend?


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