The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

It is good spinning from another’s yarn. — Dutch Proverb

I really like the above proverb as I think that it says a lot about the community of people that love to work with yarn, whether it is knitting, crochet or weaving.  There is always a willingness to talk about the craft, share stories, provide support and generally enjoy the art of working with yarn.  If it’s not a real Dutch proverb, blame Google, not me 🙂

I don’t think there can be much that is better than taking something as simple as yarn, be it spun from natural sources such as wool, or acrylic, and turning it into something that can be worn, displayed as art or used about the house either decoratively or functionally such as a humble dish cloth.

I started crafting with yarn about 5 years ago as something to do in the evenings as winter drew in, and also to give away as Christmas presents; something different to purchased, impersonal items.  Items I made, were made with love.  I am sure that you can all relate to that.  And to date, anything I have made, I have always given away.  I simply took pleasure in crafting something for someone, and seeing it being in use, either worn or displayed.

Since then, I have not looked back.  Some years I make more items than in others.  It all depends on my work/life balance.  This years seems to have seen a maelstrom of activity!  If you aren’t careful, it can easily take over your weekends and evenings.  But when you have a busy work life, crafting a piece in crochet, weaving or knitting, with its rhythmical nature, can completely de-stress you after a hard day.  Of course, if you have to frog, tink or unweave something, that brings its only little stress lever.  Depending on how far you have to go back!

So, as I progress in my crafting journey, I am now ‘hooked’ on weaving using a rigid heddle loom.  I was given a Craft voucher by my partner and weaving attracted me, as a yarn craft, but also an opportunity to use up some of my stash.  And then, with a birthday coming up, I asked for a 24 inch rigid heddle loom.  As it turns out, I think I have simply purchased more yarn to weave with than use up the stash.

What can I say; I am a stash-junkie.  I cannot resist visiting the local yarn shop or on-line store to see what is available and takes my fancy.  It’s just something that keeps you going, and also drives your decision around the next project.  Not that there are not 30 or more projects waiting already in my Ravelry queue.yarn-2565067_640

I found this picture online and it kind of summed up my current mood.  I like seeing patterns and colours in nature.  You might sometimes think colours don’t work together, but then often you will see it in nature and that can inspire you.

Take this sandy beach image from a holiday to Bantham, Devon.  I love how the shading creates the variations in the patterns from the receded tide, with the odd splash of silvery grey-blue from the trapped seawater.rippled beach

Or the brights of spring captured in the apple blossom.  The soft pinks fading to white, with the yellow-orange pollen laden stamens adding a contrast, and the punch of spring green coming through the background.apple blossom

Or come autumn and winter with the fall of leaves, or in this case some fabulously coloured pine cones.  The rich russet hues blending perfectly with the variation of greys from steely dark shading, almost onyx-like, through to the lighter brown-grey of the needles.  Nature can provide plenty of inspiration if we keep our eyes open and our smart phones available to capture the memory.pinecones

This is just one of the reasons why I thought I would start this blog.  A way to reach out and share with other yarn crafters around the world, but also to share my own journey, ups and downs of crafting and hopefully help others as they help me to be a better crafter of yarn.

So, whilst this site is still in its infancy, I hope you will stick around and see what else develops and join in the shared pleasure of crochet, weaving and knitting.

Ciao for now, Jamie

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