Just a few of my completed projects.  You can see the full range on my Ravelry page and links to the pattern designers where applicable here.

The lace shawl was my first truly complex crochet project.  It found its home with my sister; she is more of a knitter and makes some lovely pieces.  The peacock coloured shawl went as a Mother’s Day gift along with a shawl pin I purchased.  The hat and blanket I made for me.

The rose pink shawl was my best weaving to date and the scarf in the Navajo like colours I will probably keep for me.  It was my second attempts at weaving.  The Sunrise or Sunset shawl is likely to be a birthday gift.  It’s a smaller shawl as the yarn cake was literally just enough.  I wish I had purchased a larger one.

The below projects are blankets waiting for a good home.  I am sure they will get one sometime soon.

My latest projecs are a plush teddy bear, a woven scarf (yet to finish) and a shawl.

This is my first written draft for weaving. It’s very easy and can be completed in a day. weekend warmer easy scarf

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