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Friday Roundup #39-20

Well, the glass arrived yesterday – Yay! I resisted the urge to unpack it right away. I was still at work after all! But I had to have a look before I headed off to bed.

But I waited to this morning to take some pictures. The box was well protected with lots of green foam pieces and corrugated cardboard around the glass. first out was the coloured glass. I was a little excited as I unwrapped the package, eager to see what colours where there.

I already have some favourites… pretty much all of them, but some more than others.

I love the blues and always will.

I also love this smoky opaque.

This one below is like looking at a picture of Jupiter or Saturn, but hold it to the light and it changes.

Next was two pieces of clear glass. I think to practice cutting. Then came the tools of the craft.

Copper foil tape, solder, tools such as the cutter and the soldering iron. It has some LED lights to light your work. Lastly, the bottles are for giving either a black patina or a copper finish to the solder.

Lastly, some grozers and runner piers to work separating glass that’s been cut but won’t give. The spring type of thing I believe to be the holder for the soldering iron. All it needs now is a little bowl with a wet sponge to clean off excess dirt and solder from a hot iron.

I’ve got to now think of what I can make. Something simple and not too challenging to cut. I’ll maybe update you tomorrow with some plans.

In other news, I ordered a second 10 dent heddle for the loom so I can do some overshot weaving. This is where the weft yarn lies on top and creates the pattern over the background weft.

I’m following Kelly Casanova and her online tutorial.

I have my yarn choices. I’m oddly leaning towards the green and acid yellow.

Green is the warp and background weft, with acid yellow pattern weft.

I’ve checked it in mono and the contrast works. The right hand dark purple would be a challenging weft as it is just merino and breaks easily.

The left hand is essentially the reverse of Kelly’s scarf. But I’m unsure of the blue background with red overshot. I’ll decide tomorrow morning. Any thoughts?

My dish towels are off the loom. I need to hem and wash them, then they will be done. Here’s a video of them coming off the loom.

I cut it really fine on length and wasted too much at the start in tiring on. So one is slightly shorter than the other. There were tension issues as the cotton has little give, but the yarn in the slots caused me some frustration through the weave.

I’m going to stop for now as my iPad is delay typing each line and it’s beginning to piss me off.

5 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #39-20

  1. wow, that stained glass set looks amazing! What will you do with it? Very exciting!

    On the “star of Bethlem” overshot, basically it is the same pattern as the one I am working in double weave. I think with another heddle you could work it “plain” (i.e. not as overshot), that is in my plan. Hence I think red and yellow would also work. Having said that, I love the green and yellow combination.

    And well done on the towels!

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