Dinan at Sunrise

I was up early, primarily to let the old dog out for a wee, but it was so lovely, I put her back on her bed and stayed out for some photo opportunities.

So, here we go.

Early sunlight on the ramparts
Flat and calm before the hustle and bustle starts
River mist
The start of a long upward climb ☹️ – looking back downhill
Waking back up from the port – no tourists, yessss!
Fresh and vibrant Cannas
Saturated drips of colour from Fuschias
The oldest Ginkgo I have seen silhouetted against the sunrise
The Basilica lit up from the east

Hope you enjoyed a walk around Dinan.

6 thoughts on “Dinan at Sunrise

  1. These photos are all so beautiful. I rarely see an image of sunrise over a city. It’s impressive. It just goes to show that the photographer who rises early is rewarded.

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  2. I recognise some of those views. If I remember correctly there was a shop in that cobbled street selling haberdashery items – some of them vintage – I wonder if she’s still there, it was quite a few years ago now. Lovely to see it completely empty like that and get some good photos – quite a feat at this time of year.

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