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Friday Roundup #30-20

It’s official, we are now on holiday. Mind you, I’ve still done four calls and a number of emails. But today has been one of driving to our stopover. (I wasn’t driving and emailing so don’t worry).

We are in France now and tomorrow head on a relaxing drive to our little cottage/gite for the the week. We are in northern France three hours west of Calais,

Anyway, no craft to share of the yarn kind. But I did collect my fused glass this week.

Here is the Bluebell Wood. It’s come out well although I would probably have preferred to have some darker green speckles for the top tree line. But it’s a learning process.

Then, here is the coaster which is a bee on an Echinops flower.

This had been missing a wing, so it had to go back in the kiln. In a different light or angle, the wing has a slight silver sheen to it.

I am planning to have just some studio time to do either a larger stained glass or fused glass piece. Not sure what, so I’m taking time to think what I might do.

Otherwise, this week has been taken up with holiday planning and prep.

At the hotel now, and we stay here regularly because gites start on a Saturday and we usually travel seven hours across France and that with fours hours to Folkestone, is way too much in one day.

In the car park we see the occasional chicken and this time, little chicks.

And, we went for a short walk with the dog, although part of it, she was in the new carry pack.

Her eyesight is poor due to age related calcium deposits and an old ulcer in one cornea, which has healed but still has scar tissue. So, she can’t walk far or fast, what with being 16 years.

She has being used to being carried in arms, but this is new, and she is taking to it well. Bless her.

At least we can take her with us more often. She has been holidaying with us all her life, so it’s unfair to take her with us to leave her in the house all the time.

As to my holiday crochet, I settled on Thetis thinking and hoping that the simpler stitch and repeat will make it go faster. Maybe with completion in the holiday time.

That’s all for now. A short post as a quick update.

Stay week and safe.

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