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Friday Roundup #17-20

And another week flies by. Five weeks in to social distancing and travel restrictions. Thankfully, the weather is kind, glorious blue skies and we are able to walk along our country lanes. I feel for those that may live in crowded cities, apartments or unable to get out due to needing to isolate.

Another shopping trip to come in the morning, mow two lawns and get in a long walk. We had a lovely one on Thursday. Good weather, few people about and the sound of birdsong all around.

It’s lovely at this time of year, with trees bursting back to life, clothing themselves in varying shades of green, or the bronze of a sycamore. Quiet country lanes, hemmed in by green hedges with smatterings of springtime flowers. Even the dandelion lifts your spirits with its bright yellow radiance.

The slow unfurling of Harts Tongue Ferns
Houses are starting to be clothed in the sublime purples of Wisteria
Horse Chestnut showing the panicles of flowers
Woodlands regaining their green canopies.
Fields of gold.
Dancing of butterflies, courting on the wing.
Bronzed fronds and bluebells.
A bluebell glade.

It really was a lovely walk.

As to crochet, I am adding to the blanket, if slowly. I went and missed a post… again! However, I noticed it before I crocheted back over in the same colour. Normally I would have ripped back two and a bit rows, but my heart wasn’t up to it. So, I snapped off a length of yarn from the end of the ball, tied it loosely, made the missing FPdtr, pulled through to end and knotted back to the starting end. One post added and you wouldn’t know it was a late addition.

The hook isn’t pointing to it. But I am liking this red and green.

In the moments of downtime between working, walking and crocheting, I’ve been looking at patterns. Here is my little selection of projects.

All printed out and ready to go. If I have the yarn.

The first is a crochet cardigan from Novita. It creates a Fair Isle or strand knitted effect, which is quite clever. I don’t have all the yarn for this, so it’s one in planning.

They also have a lace crochet cardigan which is really nice. Short sleeves and a simple design.

And a last cardigan from Novita, with a longer length and full sleeves. I am thinking gifts here, for the ladies in my family.

I have the Purl Soho Open Air Wrap, which I need to start. And I found a lovely Huck Lace runner on Gist Yarns. Lastly, to use up some scrap ends, a Simple Twist Earwarmer found on Ravelry.

Have you been planning out some projects for this year, while you are in lockdown? I would love to know.

Until the next post, stay safe and well.

7 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #17-20

  1. I love the photos from your walk. It looks so peaceful. Your blanket looks wonderful. I’ve been planning lots of new projects and trying to decide what I’ll knit for Christmas. I seem to want to knit everything right now.

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