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Friday Roundup #40-19

You all know it is so frustrating when you are so close to finishing and you run out of yarn. You sit there looking at the ever decreasing size of the yarn ball, thinking ‘Will it last to the end. Please!’ And then it doesn’t. So that is me last weekend with the blanket just wishin’ and hopin’ that my yarn will last out. I had already tied on some remaining bits of other colours so my edging is a little odd rather than single colour way.

A search online showed someone with a small leftover of the right colour in a larger bag of scraps. But I wasn’t going to pay £4 to get a load of yarn I won’t use. Turning to Ravelry, I find someone with a small ball of the same colour and no other. Emailed them, but as yet no response. So nothing has progressed and now I am thinking next steps.

Should I rip back the complete edging and maybe do a HDC (US) instead of the DC (US)? But I am thinking I could get to be 3 inches instead of 8 inches from the end and run out again.

Maybe I’ll do SC (US) because that would surely get me all the way round, but will it make the edges tight and make the blanket go misshapen. Decisions, decisions!

Alternatively, I could do 2 SC, 2HDC and a DC to make a shell edging. I really must stop thinking about it just now, as I need to sleep. Need to turn to counting sheep rather than stitches.

And when will this flipping unpacking end! I wish there was something I desperately needed that I had yet to find, just to spur me on. Something like a secret stash of chocolate would be ideal but secret stashes of chocolate never last long with me. In fact they never really get to be secret. Except the wrapper maybe. I admit I don’t do sharing chocolate well.

So, more unpacking tomorrow, but the highlight of my day will be a trip to my barbers to give what is left of my once bountiful hair a trim. My barber is handsome, a treat to the eyes and cheeky too. Hopefully that will lift my spirits after a rather drab and wet and windy week.



PS. My iPad is driving me nuts. I think I am running low of space, so when I type it takes 30 seconds to show the text. And adding images, even longer. Need to delete to apps and clear some photos to my laptop I think.

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