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Friday Roundup #28-19

Sometimes I wonder where the week goes. The days just seem to roll into one and before you know it… BANG! It’s Friday and another week bites the dust.

I had good intentions to take a picture of the blanket, but tonight I ripped a whole round out because I realised on the last but one corner that I had put in too many clusters on each corner. Clearly not paying attention. Anyway, that round is back in place correctly now and I have moved on. Just 10 rounds remaining. Hoping that I can whizz through the next 5 this weekend and finish the remaining before I depart for holidays. I really don’t want a blanket with me on holiday! 🙂

But no picture tonight. Promise I will take one this weekend and update you on progress.

I decided also to get the bike out and pump up the tyres. I have really put on a bit too much weight since Christmas and I need to shift it. I used to ride a lot but when we moved I just never got back into it. Where we used to live, we had the Cheshire Plain which was lovely. A big expanse of mostly flat countryside and low traffic lanes. Perfect for cycling. Here, it is a bit more congested. So my plan is an early ride tomorrow morning before it gets too mental on the roads. Or too hot.

The garden is not fabulous this year. Brambles are taking over with huge arching branches thrusting up through the Leylandii hedges (hate Leyand Cypress – not my choice as we are renting). I’ve chopped out about 12 stems which will be mowed over tomorrow which will give me great pleasure. The only time I can put up with brambles is for the fruit. Lovely Blackberry and Apple pie with custard. But in this garden bramble is everywhere. Last year I dug loads out, but it’s all back again. And this year, I feel like I have admitted defeat. Just can’t get up the effort to get it gone. Anyone else have this nightmare type of garden?

On the bright side, my Buddleia is in flower and scenting the garden with its honeyed perfume. I know some people don’t like this plant, much like I don’t like Leyland Cypress, but it at least has some interest in its flowers, foliage and scent.

Image of a deep purple Buddleia flower

Back to crochet. You may recall this lovely yarn I purchased a few weeks back and my search for something to make with it. Well, I may have found something, but I just need to think for whom I will make it.

You could fall into the depths of this colour way – mesmerising

I was doing a quick review of some Pinterest boards and saw this dress type outfit for the beach. It’s called Sea Breeze Cover-up and is by Katerina. She has some lovely patterns on her site, so worth checking out.

Photo courtesy of By Katerina

So, if I think of someone to make this for, then it’s what I’ll probably make on holiday.

That’s all for the moment. Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #28-19

  1. Digging out my Leylandii or however you spell it? However partner it grumpy about next door’s budlia as it keeps interfering with his Sky dish and hence the cricket! MEN!!! 🙉


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