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Clasped Weft: Last Day

Finally here and off the loom. I managed to get the remainder of the weaving completed this morning whilst I watched Pirates of the Caribbean, the last one. Hemmed, cut from loom and washed too. It’s currently drying before I finish of the ends and trim the tails. Here it is, laid out on the lawn.

I’ve not measured it yet. Overall I am fairly pleased given it was a first attempt and the lack of decent overviews online. I’ll definitely write up a post, picking up on the process and things too look out for.

In terms of hours spent making this, despite me doing it over 7 days because of work, I would guesstimate at about 10 hours. Maybe 12. To warp the loom is about an 90 minutes but this was a fairly straightforward warp of two colours.

In terms of design… if I did this ombré style again, I wouldn’t switch sides. I think it would have been better, aesthetically, to have gone through the full palette along one side. Like how it starts with dark/white opposite, then mid/light etc. I’ll definitely do another though. Maybe instead of the seismograph style, I’ll look at doing a sinuous curve, like a sound wave. Although to do that, I’ll need to move up to three colour clasped weft. :/

But, I have other projects waiting in the wings. Namely, The Lost Garden blanket.

However, in the meantime, any thoughts on what to do with waste yarn? Other than using for stuffing amigurumi.

Have a great week.

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