Sunday Knits

Last night I cast on to knit my first main knit challenge in a long time; a hat made in the round.  If you don’t know, I am more comfortable as a crocheter, but felt I really want to get more experienced at knitting, to benefit from some greater diversity of patterns and broaden my skill set.

I finally succumbed to a couple of balls of yarn that I had been eyeing up for a month at least.

I just love the colours in the Bergere yarn and the same with the Adriafil yarn.  But I also knew that I wanted to knit them rather than crochet, so I held off buying until I couldn’t any longer.

Anyway, as I was saying, I cast on and got stuck in late last night, knitting a couple of rounds of 3×3 ribbing, once I had learnt how to join in the round from the internet.  Then, this morning I carried on in the peace and quiet, which meant I really motored.  Well, for me I motored, but to others I am no doubt a slowcoach. 🙂

And this is where I was when I took the photo earlier today.  Aren’t the colours just great?


Very rainbow.  And no errors to that point.  I was pleased until I thought I remembered the pattern for the decreases and got it wrong.  Had to tink back to the beginning of the round, which of course meant I added a stitch (stupidly) and dropped two (clumsy), which I quickly managed to fix with a small crochet hook.  Thankfully I had seen how to do that online, a few years back.

It’s now put to one side as I need to move to DPNs.  Which I don’t have!  I clearly did not think this through.  DPNs ordered and coming tomorrow, I hope.

Possibly a finished hat tomorrow evening.  You can see my squares I am knitting in the back of the photo.  I have three in garter and one in stockinette.  After this hat, I think seed stitch is next for a square or two.

I did block my crochet shawl on Saturday, but I’ll post about that separately.

Have a great week.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Knits

  1. That yarn is so gorgeous! I’m far more experienced as a knitter than a crocheter but seeing you strike out into in-the-round knitting for the first time makes me think that I should expand my comfort zone and maybe try some crocheting, and really try to give it my all this time around.

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      1. That’s a good idea! I think part of my problem and the reason I haven’t gotten very far with crochet is that I start too ambitious and get frustrated, so a simple scarf would be right.


      1. Hah, yes I see what you mean. Where does the yarn end and needles start?? I’ve been knitting mustard yellow with bamboo needles and struggle at times to see where the stitches are.

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